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Lucht Red Angus

Producing Cattle for The Total Package!

 Our program at Lucht Red Angus is centered around cows that work for The Beef Producer creating The Total Package! These traits include Fertility, Maternal Instincts, Feet and Structure, Disposition, Longevity, and Fertility. Fertility is so important to us here at Lucht Red Angus, cause that is the heart and soul of every operation. We aspire to make sure that every cow and offspring she has in the program, breeds back to create the beginnings of The Total Packaged Animal! Throughout every step in our program, from calving to sale day, from coming and going home from pasture we do everything to ensure our angus are ready to work. From balanced diets to High Altitude or PAP " Pulmonary Arterial Pressure" testing, we aim to produce red and black angus raised by the Cattleman, for the Cattleman. All that said, Lucht Red Angus is positive that you will get The Total Package!

Annual Production Sale

Presenting Yearling and Age Advantaged Red Angus Pap-Tested Bulls

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Manhattan, MT

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