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Lucht Red Angus Sires

5L Firepower 3320-86E

Reg # 3746697

Pap: 37

BarHi Ribeye 663

Reg # 4073132

Pap: 48

C-T Red Mark

Reg # 4120560

Pap: 42


 Feddes Durston

Reg # 3992578

Pap: 38

Red Fork Clinger

Reg # 1587949

Pap: 34

Red Fork Clinger is a bull that we acquired from the Red Fork Ranch in Kaycee, WY. He is 10 years old and was breeding a cow in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains (Elevation 8,000 ft). Talk about some Longevity, Magnificent Feet, and awesome Structure. Born at only 61 pounds this heifer bull makes you sleep easy at night. Every calf born out of him has been in the mark of 60-65 pounds. Clinger has given us Everything we wanted making him a Total Packaged Bull!

Lucht Silver Bow

Reg # 4335815

Pap: 36

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